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Gayane Yerkanyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia in 1989. Gayane holds a Bachelor’s in design from Yerevan’s Academy of the Arts (2009), and a Master’s from the (HKU) Utrecht School of the Arts (2014). She worked for Armenia’s state of the art TUMO Center for Creative Technologies from 2011 to 2016 intermittently, where she oversaw Graphic Design, Web Design and Concept Development. Her work often involves decontextualizing Armenian letters to offer new visual and symbolic meanings. She uses the letter and its subsequent permutations as a metaphor for the individual trying to define herself as both autonomous and a part of society. Gayane is currently based in Amsterdam where she lives and works.

- Text by Anna Gargarian

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Autonomy creates errors. Errors are free. They cannot be described and filled. They do not need to belong. They have space for emptiness, pauses and silence. Sound stops being a part of musical form. Sound has the beauty of its own and can exist on its own. Words not always need context, they can exist and tell things by themselves. Letters do not have to construct words anymore…they become autonomous and may develop into newer forms of being, become something else and not to belong to anything.

- Text by Ella Kanegarian

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